Is Life Science a Good Career?

is life science a good career

Have Your CV Reviewed

Reviewing your CV is an important step when starting a job search, especially if it’s been some time since you last revisited it. A good CV is not just up-to-date with the most recent roles – it needs to align with what you wish to do, rather than what you have done. Ask a third party to take a look and ensure it matches up with the direction you’d like to take your career next.

Don’t think that this needs to be done by a professional CV writer though; friends, family and colleagues can provide a fresh perspective that is equally as valuable. Backed by knowledge of the Science and Medical job market, most specialist recruiters will also be happy to provide some direction and advice. We’ve already put together a helpful blog packed full of tips on writing a great CV – check it out here before starting your next job search.

Keep Your Social Profile Up-to-date

Social media plays its part for job seekers too. With Life Sciences professionals more active than ever on social media (particularly LinkedIn), it’s worth keeping your profiles up-to-date to stay connected with new opportunities that arise within these mediums.

A polished LinkedIn profile helps with building professional networks and encourages people to reach out to you with minimal effort. Employers and recruiters often source candidates on LinkedIn using certain search terms, so think how someone might search for similar people to yourself, and ensure your profile includes these elements (without packing it full of keywords).

Keep Track of Your Job Search Progress

Sometimes, less is more. Despite the number of seemingly relevant job adverts you might see every day, it’s good practice to not apply for every job that vaguely resembles what they’re looking for. A much better strategy is to focus on roles that resonate with your existing experience, as well as those that align with the direction you want to take.

Since a job search might take anywhere from a few weeks to several months (depending on seniority), it’s a good idea to treat it like a project and monitor progress carefully. When sending in a few applications at once, it’s easy for them to start blending together, so record the places you’ve applied or been submitted to and track the application process as it unfolds. Make a note of any interview/CV feedback too as this can help you to adjust your approach for future applications. In addition, be sure to follow companies you’d like to work for. Even if there are no vacancies currently advertised, you never know what roles might be available behind closed doors or when a new opportunity may arise.

Work with a Specialist Life Sciences Recruiter

This final point is likely to be of little surprise, coming from us, but there are many genuine benefits to working with a recruiter that specialises in Science and Medical jobs, including:

  • Tapping into our networks – We have connections with a wealth of great employers in the Life Sciences industry and can provide opportunities that job seekers may not have access to alone.
  • Receiving advice on career direction and future opportunities – With our extensive industry knowledge, we’re well equipped to help get you moving and achieve your career goals.
  • Presenting opportunities not previously considered – Your experience may bridge over to new areas that will expand your options and offer the chance to move in a fresh direction.

These are just a few of the benefits but one thing is certain; working with a specialist recruiter will only aid your job search.


Understandably, job searching can be a stressful experience, and one that job seekers are sometimes in a hurry to end. However, unless you’re in a position where you need to move jobs quickly or are under pressure to find employment, the best advice is to take your time and be clear on what you’re looking for.

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